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Emily Roysdon New Professor in Stockholm

Emily Roysdon, professor at Konstfack, Stockholm.

Emily Roysdon, professor at Konstfack, Stockholm.

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm has appointed Emily Roysdon (b.1977) as its new professor of fine art. Already sharing her time between New York and Stockholm, Roysdon is currently taking part in the reshaping of the institution’s MA program, highlighting the importance of experimental and non-traditional forms of education. A new vision, a new curriculum and new thoughts on qualifications are in the making.

– We have been discussing critical aesthetics and will be focusing on teaching critique methods within the field. We’ve also been talking about the kind of students we want to apply, people who’ve developed an artistic practice but have trained in other fields for example.

The Swedish audience might be acquainted with Roysdon from shows at Iaspis and Konsthall C in Stockholm. Her diverse work consists of performance, photographic installations, text, and video, as well as curating and lyric writing for The Knife and Brooklyn based JD Samson & MEN. She is now looking forward to teaching at Konstfack.

– I’ve been an interloper in The Swedish art scene since I came to Iaspis in 2008, and I now want to commit to this place and conversation on another level. I’ve been an independent artist for a decade and I wanted to be involved in other peoples lives, to be a part of something, work for something. 

My experience, as an artist, in life, as a queer and feminist, building contexts, making magazines, writing, curating, making images, performances, bands, installations – I’m interested in opening up these forms and processes to students.

Roysdon’s work has been shown at the 2010 Whitney Biennial, Manifesta 8, and Greater New York 2010 at MoMA/PS1. Recent solo projects include new commissions from Tate Modern (London), Visual Art Center (Austin), and Art in General (New York).

Emily Roysdon {ITALIC}A Gay Bar Called Everywhere (With Costumes and No Practice){ENDITALIC},  May 5 and 6, 2011, The Kitchen, NYC. Photo by Paula Court, courtesy of The Kitchen.

Emily Roysdon A Gay Bar Called Everywhere (With Costumes and No Practice),
May 5 and 6, 2011, The Kitchen, NYC. Photo by Paula Court, courtesy of The Kitchen.



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