News Article in Norwegian|23.09.11

Big politics on a small scale

Ragna Blay and Ayed Arafah. Photo: Benedikte Rønsen.

As students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Art Academy of Ramallah show works at the project space Holodeck curator Ragna Bley wants to focus on the personal gains of cultural exchange.

«It’s important not to get stuck in problematising the power relationships between the institutions and rather focus on what we can do on a personal level», says curator Ragna Blay who talks to Ayed Arafah about the meaning of this kind of collaboration.

If inside, to get out – if outside, to get in at Holodeck presents works by Jessica Williams from The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo and Ayed Arafah from the International Academy of Art Palestine. The exhibition is a result of the collaboration between the two institutions. The Art Academy in Oslo has been a contributor since the launch of the Art Academy in Ramallah in 2006. This is the first time a group of students from Ramallah come to Oslo.

The exhibition is on view until September 25th.

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