After a new government was formed in Sweden today, state museums will remain free of charge. Also in the news: An art plan for Oslo and Elmgreen & Dragset in The Simpsons.
By Mariann Enge
A workshop for artists reopens in Oslo, Nasty Women exhibits in Stockholm, and the Norwegian National Museum reveals a new visual identity.
By Mariann Enge
A digital installation by the Japanese collective teamLaB has brought Helsinki’s new art museum Amos Rex twice as many visitors as expected.
By Sini Mononen
ARoS Art Museum under fire for not paying artists, anti-fascist conference at the Luleå Biennial, and other news from the Nordic art field this week.
By Simen Joachim Helsvig
Abuse at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, artists’ studios at the National Gallery in Oslo, a reopening of Magasin III in Stockholm, and more.
By Simen Joachim Helsvig
– Being a little tired is conducive to sensing your surroundings, says Apichaya Wanthiang. Her exhibition at UKS (Young Artists’ Society) is open only at night.
By Stian Gabrielsen
The soon-to-be former director of Malmö Art Museum stresses the importance of continuity for the small konsthall in Tensta, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018.
By Christine Antaya
Artist Kirsten Langkilde will be the new rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen
By Pernille Albrethsen
The Danish Arts Foundation has selected Danish-Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour to represent Denmark at the 2019 Venice Biennale.
By Pernille Albrethsen
Climate change and the co-existence of species are the main themes when Ane Graff, Ingela Ihrman and artist duo nabbteeri take over the Nordic pavilion in Venice 2019.
By Simen Joachim Helsvig
Having first fired warning shots against protesters, military police in Rio de Janeiro suddenly changed their tack and let the grieving crowds into the ruins of the National Museum.
By Ina Hagen
– Let’s try to feel the exhibition. Then we might be able to see history from a different angle, says Marti Manen, who will curate the 10th Momentum biennial.
By Simen Joachim Helsvig
Even if the I am Queen Mary monument in Copenhagen is only installed temporarily for now, the monument has already memorialized a time in history that Denmark has been trying to forget.
By Yvette Brackman
– They will have to buy him out somehow, says contributing editor Daniel Birnbaum following the recent events surrounding the magazine’s co-owner, accused of sexual harassment.
By Robert Stasinski
The poster exhibition Between the Lines at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art fights misuse of power in the art world. Also, a Facebook group urges the Norwegian art scene to share its #metoo stories.
By Ina Hagen
Public art is on the rise in the Nordic art scene, as Helsinki follows Oslo in starting a new biennial.
By Maria Hirvi-Ijäs
Chairman David Neuman is diplomatic as to whether Magasin III Jaffa, which opens tomorrow, will have a programme that is critical of the political developments in Israel.
By Karl Lydén
Artistic director of Checkpoint Helsinki, Paul O’Neill, relaunched the organisation as a curatorial agency with plans to commission longer-term and durational projects.
By Riikka Stewen
There are substantial differences between the Scandinavian countries when it comes to state funding of art. Denmark already provides the least funding, and now the nation faces new cuts.
By Simen Joachim Helsvig
What is a valid reason for a museum to cancel an exhibition? Last Thursday, a panel at Oslo Kunsthandel debated a recent censoring of artist Ole Jørgen Ness.
By Nikita Mathias



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