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The new directors at Konsthall C in Stockholm are Jens Strandberg and Jenny Richards, who start with an exhibition by Mierle Laderman Ukeles opening this weekend.
“It is neither a gallery nor an institution, not commercial and not art history,” says Jacob Lillemose, the curator behind a new exhibition venue of a kind never seen before in Copenhagen.
During a press conference at OCA last Thursday it was announced that US-born artist Camille Norment will represent Norway at the 2015 Venice Bienniale.
Oslo has hired Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk to head the preparations for a large-scale presentation of public art.
“When you need a change, you should change to the opposite, from light to dark, from black to white,” says Goutam Ghosh, who has his first show at Standard (Oslo).
“I wanted to treat the screen space as an affective material,” says Lisa Tan, who participates in the New Museum Triennial, opening this week.
The New Museum Triennial opens this week. A post-ISIS baby, it comes into this world at a time of impending global economic and climate doom, yet it brings positive future scenarios.
Institutet’s performance Toleranshuvan Reloaded at Malmö Konsthall draws a dangerous border between people and implies that the situation cannot be changed.   
Hans Andersson at Gallery Lars Bohman and Rafaël Rozendaal at Carl Kostyál both look back to the historical avant garde, but have opposed views on today’s screen-based visual culture. 
Lutz Bacher has landed in x-rummet at the National Gallery of Denmark, raising the bar for appropriation art with a sprinkling of dust.
The exhibition The Noing Uv It at Bergen Kunsthall is an ambitious attempt at portraying a new realism in art. It is presented at just the right moment.
Independent critical debate is threatened when the extreme right gives the center-right Alliance the opportunity to slash state support for Swedish cultural magazines.
A number of seminal works within Swedish 1960s TV- and computer-based experimental film are being shown at Digital Art Center in Stockholm. The exhibition inspires confidence as well as a taste for more.
Why do we not object when the luxury industry dictates the conditions of contemporary art? A group of prominent intellectuals respond to the cynical argument that there is no alternative.
The wish to compromise sometimes gives the Danish art scene a ‘Truman Show’ feel, says Yvette Brackman, whose new exhibition, opening at Overgaden tonight, contains both theatre and therapy.
“I had no idea that graffiti existed,” says Dan Perjovschi, who has filled the walls of Kunsthall Trondheim with a cacophony of words and simple pictograms dealing with global neoliberalism and popular revolt.
This year’s Moderna Exhibition showcases art from the Baltic region, mixing work from different epochs. The result is an exhibition without a guiding idea, so contemporary that it falls out of step with the times.
While more and more artists explicitly enjoy making artworks that cannot be nailed down by a political program, art writers take even more pride in pinning it down.
Keren Cytter makes films and reflects a lot on herself – like everyone else today. Perhaps that is why she is so exciting.
The Noing Uv It
Bergen Kunsthall (09.01. – 15.02.)
Reviewed by Jonas Ekeberg
Lutz Bacher
Statens Museum for Kunst (til 6. April)
Reviewed by Pernille Albrethsen
Hans Andersson, Rafaël Rozendaal
Carl Kostyál, Galleri Lars Bohman (15.01. – 15.02.)
Reviewed by Frans Josef Petersson